About Us


An invitation to you:

Since 1979, the Peach State Corvette Association has been recognized as a corvette club leader in the Atlanta area.   Our meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at the International House of Pancakes in Fayetteville GA.  Visitors are encouraged to attend, meet our members and find out why we are dedicated to the collecting, maintaining and enjoyment of the Corvette automobile.

As a responsible community member, the Peach State Corvette Association is a not-for-profit organization which donates time and funds to recognized charitable organizations.

Peach State Corvette members enjoy:

  • Organized road trips and caravans to places of interest in the region
  • Affiliation with many major car shows, cruise-ins and fund raisers
  • Monthly "First Monday of the Month" dinners
  • Involvement with many local charities
  • Access to valuable information pertaining to the repair and maintenance of your Corvette
  • We enjoy our cars, but most of all we enjoy the fellowship.
  • We invite you to come by and see what we're all about.


Peach State Corvette History / Special Interests:

  • 1979 Peach State Corvette Association founded
  • PSCA was formed by a split off from the Marietta club by a quorum of south Atlanta members
  • Ed Tillirson was the founding President and held office until 1990
  • 1984 meeting location was the Farmers & Merchants Bank (later to become Tara Bank) at the intersection of Hwys 314 & 138 
  • Ken Thaxton was President in 1991 and today is the most long standing member of the club
  • Ed Tillirson and Butch Combs were acting Presidents from 1992 – 2003
  • Moving south again, the meeting location was moved to the Longbranch in Fayetteville (Anyone remember the ‘Chicken Man?) 
  • Mark Mullins became President in 2003
  • Meeting location was moved to Atlanta Hot Wings for 1 meeting… did not workout!
  • Meeting Location was moved to IHop, Fayetteville GA
  • Chuck Gillen became President in 2008 and held the position for 2009 and 2010
  • Steve West became President in 2011 and held the position for 2011 - 2014
  • David Roush became President in 2015 - May 2016
  • Shane Wright became President June 2016

Ed Tillirson Biography

  • Co-editor of Vette Views Magazine
  • Member of Mid-Alabama & Classic Glass Corvette Clubs
  • PSCA hosted a car show to raise money for Ed's Cancer Treatment
  • Founded the club in 1979 and presided over it until 2003
  • Ed passed away March 4th 2005

Ed Tillirson Awards:

Beginning in 2007 the club began presenting one Ed Tillirson Award each year to a member that had made a significant impact in helping the club.

  • 2007 - Chuck Gillen
  • 2008 - Steve West
  • 2009 - Wayne Harding 
  • 2010 - Walt Baer
  • 2011 - Tom Andersen
  • 2012 - Fred Heacock
  • 2013 - Joe Miller
  • 2014 - Dave Rubel
  • 2015 - Bill Czap
  • 2016 - Terry Blanco

Current and past charities supported:

  • Midwest Food Bank
  • Hope House For Kids
  • Southwest Christian Hospice
  • Fayette Humane Society 
  • Hope House Children’s Respite Center
  • Spiritual Care Ministry
  • Feed My Lambs
  • Rainbow House
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Promise Place
  • and many others

Corvette Museum:

  • Rick Feeney is our active NCM liaison
  • The PSCA has a 12x12 brick at NCM in memory to Ed Tillirson

Peach State Corvette is Proud to Welcome Our Newest Members
          • Doug Wood - April 2017
          • Logan Williamson - April 2017
          • Robbie & Rebecca Morgan - April 2017
          • Robert & Kathleen Edmondson - April 2017
          • Jim Ireland - Mar 2017
          • Harris & Sandra Pruitt - Mar 2017
          • Paul & Sara Hanson - Mar 2017

 Our 2017 Officers

President Shane Wright  Email Me
Vice President Dave Rubel  Email Me
Vice President of Activities Terry Blanco  Email Me
Treasurer Nancy Blanco  Email Me
Secretary Joan Harris  Email Me
Member at Large Wayne Ferree  Email Me
Member at Large Jim Droskinis  Email Me
Web Master Rick Feeney  Email Me

Mailing address:
PSCA  133 Sams Rd. Fayetteville, GA.  30214